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Birthdate:Jun 30
Welcome to each and any who have stumbled upon this little corner of the world and read this.
My name is Rose.
I am an aspiring author with more thoughts and stories in her head than any good sense, but I hope to share my dreams and ideas with any who care to listen. Just to be clear, that means I have at least five books in the works, one of which is now going into it's 7th year in production.
I am a massive anime/manga and music fan, who enjoys Japanese culture, the written word, hot tea and meeting new people...though I'll be the first to admit I'm something of an anti-socialite IRL (in real life, for those of my family who aren't so shorthand savvy).

What you will be likely to find here are:

-samples of my own works
-'fanfics' of various fandoms (mostly anime and video games)
-any odds and ends that come to mind (mini self-blogs perhaps?)

My personal works are, to quote one very dear to me, 'a way for me to express my inner darkness'. That being said, what you will often find here are tales of woe. Stories of heartache and break. Of death and decay. Of pain, misunderstanding and lonely souls.
That being said of course, as with everything, there are always sparks of life. There is love and life. There are endings and beginnings. There is understanding, trust, and hope.

My dream is...well...I'll let you decide whether it is large or small...but my ambition, should it be called as such, is to have the stories I tell reach out someone. To have the words and characters that are spilled from my mind onto the page find a new heart to rest within, to fill with the joy and understanding that they have gifted me with.

I hope to dedicate my life to the telling of the tales that fill my mind. All I truly want out of it, my life's work- for it is my life now, is to know that they have touched another, even if it is only one other life in this world. Someone wholly unconnected to myself who, as I often have myself, was merely looking for something- perhaps not even knowing what that something was- and found a story they could relate to, lose themselves in, and/or understand on some level.
It does not have to change them. It does not have to teach them anything.
All it need to is to reach them for themselves, and stay with them for whatever it was they made of it.

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